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Our charitable foundation handed over a car to the fighters from Chervona Kalyna: photo and video report

The "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" charity fund, together with volunteer Yury Stepanenko and the Ukrainian Action organization, collected funds for a car for our defenders who are currently fighting in the southern direction.

Car for defenders from "Chervona Kalyna" / Photo by YFUA

We do not stop supporting Ukrainian defenders. This time, they handed over a car for the soldiers of the 14th brigade of operational assignment of National Guard of Ukraine, better known as "Chervona Kalyna".

Mykhailo, a close friend of the "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" charitable foundation, serves in this brigade. At present, the soldiers also have urgent needs, which it is important to quickly close.

Importantly! Mykhailo and his comrades need a spectroanalyzer to detect drones.  You can donate to Monobank.

Soldiers on the front lines are a constant need, because the enemy destroys them mercilessly. Therefore, do not forget to regularly donate to "wheels" for boys.

Defenders and volunteers with a donated car / Photo by UFUA

Watch the video report here:

Here you will find more photos from the trip to the defenders / Photo by YFUA

We continue to help

Previously, we already provided the following assistance to "Chervona Kalyna":



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