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Our charity fund took aid to the residents of a front-line village in Donetsk region

The charity fund "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" organized a trip to Donetsk region. Activists brought charitable aid to residents of one of the villages of Lyman district.

Our charity fund brought aid to Donetsk region with our partners / Photo by UFUA

In the village, where more than 1,000 people once lived, now about two hundred remain. In September 2022, the village was occupied, then it was liberated. Now people live 15 kilometers from the contact line and still do not even have electricity.

The rural infrastructure was destroyed: shops, schools, and the village council were damaged.

Children with gifts from volunteers / YFUA photo

It is very important not to forget about the people who live in such conditions. When volunteers come to them, they feel needed and not abandoned!

Together with our partners, our charitable foundation handed over washing and hygiene products to the residents.

The children received special gifts – thanks to our partner organizations for this. We hope that the bicycles and other gifts will amuse the children and help them forget about the realities of the war, at least temporarily.

We sincerely thank all friends and partners, together with whom we managed to deliver charitable assistance to the residents of a front-line village in the Lyman district!

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