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Returning to civilian life: Veterans can take free courses on Prometheus

On the Prometheus online education platform, 3 lecture cycles are available to help you adapt to civilian life. The course will be useful for Ukrainian veterans.

The Village resource informs about lectures for veterans.

All three lecture cycles are absolutely free and always available.

The courses promise to help defenders adapt to civilian life / Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

What is included

Veterans can complete three separate courses:

What are the courses about?

These courses are designed to help defenders adapt after returning from war.

Training courses explain what happens to veterans after returning home, how to build relationships with relatives, what psychotherapy is and how to choose a psychotherapist.

Also, during the course, students will learn about techniques that will help overcome anger, anxiety and apathy. Specialists will teach you to monitor your own thoughts and understand your psycho-emotional state.

The third cycle of lectures is designed to teach defenders to overcome daily challenges in peaceful life, to build relationships in difficult conditions, etc. Specialists promise to help restore relationships with a partner, children or parents.

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