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Our team welcomes you

The YouthfutureUA project in the face of its volunteers and participants welcomes you on the pages of our site. We ask you to help Ukrainians in this difficult period, because in this way you support and protect democratic and human values ​​in the fight with the tyranny.

Україна молодь мир ініціативи
Віримо у краще майбутнє української молоді

Today, every minute is more important than ever, so our volunteers from all over the world are working to ensure that you get the help you need in a timely manner.

How you can use this web-site:

- We will provide information on initiatives, projects and communities to help Ukrainians fight the effects of war;

- We will meet your needs through our network of volunteers and partners. To do this, there is a form on the home page that you can use to contact us;

- The YouthFutureUA project is ready to help with special fundraising just for your situation. We prefer to raise funds for the treatment of the wounded, to collect humanitarian support for those who have lost their homes, to raise funds for the purchase of medicines, etc. Contact us via email, indicating in the subject of the letter "Treatment", "Financial assistance".

We believe in a better future and do not stop efforts to build it together!



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