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Overcome Fear and Anxiety: Free Psychological Bots and Apps

We continue the series of publications about opportunities to get free psychological help. Today, Ukrainians are experiencing a huge amount of stress due to the war, so save this information and share with loved ones.

Elle magazine suggested 5 chatbots and mobile applications that will help in a difficult situation.

How to get psychological help through a mobile phone / Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Importantly! The use of chatbots and applications cannot completely replace the help of a specialist. Be sure to return to qualified doctors if you feel the need for it!

This Telegram chatbot offers help based on clinical research and a scientific approach. Here you will find exercises to overcome stress, tips on how to calm down and understand your emotions.

In addition to initial help, the chatbot can send you to the "Tell me" platform, where you can consult a specialist for free.

2. Chatbot Faino Psy Bot

This bot was created by professional psychologists. It is available in different languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Belarusian and German.

In this bot, you will be able to assess your stress level and perform exercises to reduce it.

3. Chatbot "Together for teachers" (available in Telegram and Viber)

This chatbot was created specifically for education workers. Here you will find links to materials that will help support your psychological state.

In addition, the chatbot offers interesting practices for working with children and a notebook for writing notes about the psychological state of students.

In the chatbot, you can find various online courses, articles, videos and webinars that will help you get out of crisis situations and master yourself.

4. "March of Women" chatbot

It is a chatbot that provides 24/7 online psychological support. In addition, the organization has options available offline: shelters in Lviv and Chernivtsi, as well as humanitarian support for women who have suffered from sexual violence.

5. Doomka application

This is a free app for phones. It can be downloaded from Google Play. Here you will find motivational quotes and affirmations for various situations in life.

In addition, the application will offer you a game that develops stress resistance: you will be able to pass different levels and get rewards.



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