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Oxford University has launched a scholarship for Ukrainians

Oxford University has created a special scholarship to study for master's programs for Ukrainians. This was reported by the BBC. 20 Ukrainians can receive a scholarship.

The university will allocate £ 7,500 to cover students' costs, as well as housing and food.

Oxford said the initiative was made possible by the support of allied colleges, which will provide funding for scholarships.

 "Our community is united in our desire to do something to help. These scholarships represent our efforts to enable students and scholars whose scholarships have been violated by the war. We look forward to meeting with colleagues from Ukraine, "said Professor Louise Richardson.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine also affected talented students and entrants whose education and finances were affected. The university and colleges have stated that they provide social support to students affected by the war in Ukraine and provide financial support "where necessary."

 "It's inspiring to see the speed and unanimity that colleges have come together to support this important new program. In time, we will have a lot of work to do to reduce the impact of this terrible war, but this scheme will give Ukrainian students a chance to rebuild their lives now, which is invaluable, ”said Baroness Ian Royal, director of Somerville College and chair of the University College Conference.

The deadline for applications for the scholarship program is Monday, June 20. You can read the requirements at the link


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