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People in Germany listen to Ukrainian music: "Zhenya and Katya" were sung for Heidelberg

On August 18, the most romantic band of Ukraine "Zhenya and Katya" played a concert for the German city of Heidelberg.

"Zhenya and Katya" held another charity concert / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Spectators gathered in the cozy pub "Karl" and listened to Ukrainian music, as well as first-hand stories about the war.

Spectators in the city of Heidelberg / Photo by Ömer Nuhoglu

Why do we hold concerts?

During our events for Europeans, the public from a certain city gathers in a cafe or pub, listens to songs and donates money for the Ukrainian army. Our partners send us funds using payment systems.

During the concerts, we collect funds for the army / Photo by YouthFutureUA

We raise money and buy tactical medicine for soldiers. Our reports can be found here.

During the concert, the audience collects donations / Photo by Ömer Nuhoglu

Unique digital format

The band "Zhenya and Katya" plays in the "Beer&Blues" pub in Vinnytsia. We have already held 8 concerts for various European cities.

In our team, they call it "concerts in the bomb shelter" – because the concerts take place in the basement of the pub.

Our concerts take place in digital format / Photo by YouthFutureUA

We definitely broadcast concerts online on Youtube. Everyone can join us, watch the concert and make a donation.

The audience likes this format of concerts / Photo by Ömer Nuhoglu

We will give away a t-shirt to one of those who donated

Among those who donate, we will give away a branded T-shirt / Photo by YouthFutureUA

We created a design for an embroidered t-shirt with Ukrainian symbols. And they offered everyone who wants to make a donation to Monobank and take part in the raffle of our branded merch.

We invited everyone who wants to take part in the draw / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Such give away will also be held at the following charity concerts.

Who helps us organize concerts:

  • Realization of this concert is supported by the Institute of Economic Research and Policy Consulting which implements the project "Civil Society for Democratization" with the assistance of the European Union.

  • The partner in Germany is volunteer Ömer Nuhoglu, who helps organize a concert and collect funds for the needs of Ukrainians in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

A large team was involved in the organization of the concerts / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Meetings of volunteers

Traditionally, before the concert, we gathered volunteers* of the YouthFutureUA project. They discussed common ideas, exchanged opinions.

If you want to become a volunteer, don't hesitate! Fill out the form using the link, come to the meeting or chat with us online.

Before the concerts, we traditionally gather volunteers / Photo by YouthFutureUA

See more photos from the concert for the city of Heidelberg here:

Importantly. All our activities would not be possible without our partners. So we sincerely thank everyone who helps organize and hold events:

*The development of the YouthFutureUA volunteer community is supported by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting which implements the project "Civil Society for Democratization" with the assistance of the European Union. We started cooperation with this institute in 2022.

Everyone can get Ukraine closer to victory. Help YouthFutureUA fulfill our mission, support the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians in need. Even small amounts are important. You can make it here.


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