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Psychological first aid: enter the free chatbot

Mental support during war becomes a vital necessity. That is why there are more and more psychological help projects today. Most of them are free.

A Telegram chatbot called Friend.First Aid aims to reduce stress and help with psychological problems.

Chatbot recommendations are developed according to scientifically proven protocols.

How to use a chatbot

You need to have the Telegram app installed. Follow the link and click the "Get Started" button.

The bot developers offer the following help:

  • Understand what is happening to you and what you are feeling.

  • Get some life hacks for stressful situations.

  • Acceptance without prejudice and stereotypes.

In the chatbot you can find various psychological exercises with explanations / Screenshot

The team of creators of the chatbot is made up of specialists, so users are encouraged to trust it. Communication in the bot is anonymous, protected and confidential.

The bot will ask you how old you are, your gender, and the level of stress you feel. Based on these answers, further "communication" with the chatbot will take place.

This option of psychological help is suitable for those who do not dare to turn to a specialist, are afraid of condemnation, etc. Try accepting help from a bot. However, remember that in difficult, threatening cases, you must seek medical help.

The chatbot was created with the support of the Charite clinic (Berlin, Germany) and GIZ as part of the humanitarian project "Solomia". And also with the support of UNICEF. Its recommendations were reviewed by a group of experts from the IC-PSY4U international consortium. IC-PSY4U is an international consortium "Digital Psychological Assistance for Ukraine". A group of international experts in the field of mental health who supervised my methods.


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