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Psychological support for men: try the Telegram chatbot

The chatbot of the Men's Psychological Support Line is called 2345 - because this is the phone number you can also call if you need support.

Chatbot 2345 can be found in Telegram. Help is provided "anonymously, free of charge, around the clock and professionally."

Men can find support in a chatbot / Image UNFPA

In the chatbot, you can get psychological support in text format. Help is provided by professional psychologists and psychologists.

Anonymous bot

The advantages of a chatbot are:

  • anonymity;

  • availability at any time;

  • free.

In addition to the bot, you can contact the number 2345 to get advice on the hotline.

The work of the chatbot is provided by the UNFPA organization in cooperation with the NGO "Innovative Social Solutions" and with the support of the British government.

Help men

"Men in Ukraine often live with the idea that they have to solve their problems on their own. Because of this, they do not seek professional help. According to the results of our survey among men, which we conducted in the summer of 2022, 90% of respondents had no experience of seeking professional psychological help support in any form", – says UNFPA program manager Alyona Zubchenko.

Now every third Ukrainian is in a state of severe distress – during such a person cannot adapt to stressful situations and their consequences. That is why experts want to help men stabilize their emotional state, find internal resources and get out of difficult situations.



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