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Serious injury: defender from Kyiv region needs financial support

The family of a soldier from Obukhov, Kyiv region, needs financial support after the serious injury of defender Ruslan Marushchak. This is reported in the "Dzerkalo Obukhova" group.

On October 10, Ruslan Marushchak performed a combat mission. Together with his comrades, he came under enemy fire and lost his leg on the spot. The other has multiple serious injuries.

"Doctors are fighting for the second leg, but at the moment they do not give comforting forecasts. The defender and his family will have a long and difficult path of rehabilitation and recovery," the message states.

For financial support, you can send the amount to the card of Ruslan's daughter — Marushchak Svitalana Ruslanivna: 4149 4993 8131 6817.



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