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Small grants for public organizations: how to get

Take part in the grant program for the development of mediation for public organizations from the "Ukrainian Academy of Mediation".

The Development Center Time of Changes informs about the opportunity.

This program is aimed at strengthening and developing mediation in certain areas: resolving labor, family, consumer, medical and business, environmental and land conflicts. Of course, this list of conflicts is not exhaustive.

Ukrainian NGOs can apply for the conflict mediation project / Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

What they offer:

  • financial support for innovative mediation projects;

  • promoting the development of mediation services;

  • support of research initiatives in the field of mediation;

  • creation of information campaigns to popularize mediation;

  • development and implementation of educational programs;

  • etc.

The amount of each grant will be up to 340,000 hryvnias. The duration of the project should vary from 3 to 6 months. It should be implemented in the period from September 15, 2024 to February 10, 2025.

NGOs from all regions of Ukraine except the occupied territories can apply.

Deadline to submit your concept: July 15, 2024. The project concept should be submitted to The concept form and more detailed information can be found on this page.

Applicants whose concepts pass the selection stage will have access to the Application for Participation until August 1. The application must be completed by August 20, 2024.

Which organizations can apply:

  1. Registered in Ukraine as legal entities, the main purpose of which is not to make a profit.

  2. They have successful experience in implementing similar initiatives.

  3. They have the institutional capacity to implement their project.

  4. Have access to beneficiaries.

  5. They have at least one mediator in the team who meets the requirements of the Law On Mediation.



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