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Solidarity concert in Bremen

Today, our friends in Europe are showing solidarity with the Ukrainian people in this struggle for the values ​​of freedom and good. And not with words, but with their deeds!

The YouthFutureUA program is pleased to announce the joint event with our German partners and friends NaturKultur e.V. - a hybrid concert in Bremen, Germany. The goals of the concert are to unite guests and volunteers on the issue of the war in Ukraine, support youth activities of Ukrainians in response to the challenges of war, as well as creating a cultural bridge between locations where music and information programs will be realized on May 20, 2022: Kultur im Bunker (Bremen) and Beer & Blues Art-Pub (Vinnytsia, Ukraine).

The evening will be full of communication, presentation of the directions of YouthFutureUA, acquaintance of volunteers, as well as, of course, wonderful musical performances. The "most romantic duo of Ukraine" "Zhenya and Katya" will perform in digital format on the Ukrainian side, and compositions in various genres from young accordionist Juliusz Meyer to techno artist Thalie and ethno-DJ Birulinda will be performed offline at Kultur im Bunker. The event will be attended by members of Pangeya Ultima, who will talk about the work that our Ukrainian activists are doing at this difficult time.

This hybrid concert is a charity one. All funds raised by the German partner NaturKultur e.V. will be transferred to Pangeya Ultima for the needs of the YouthFuture.UA program, namely: 1) Financing the production of homemade body armor for the Ukrainian military; 2) Purchase of medicines for hospitals and other consumables; 3) Support of information work of the program.

We are grateful to all the organizers and partners of the event:


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