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Starlink was purchased for the special forces battalion

Members of the "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" fund and our friends Yurii Stepanenko and Andrzej Świerkosz helped a separate battalion of special forces.

"At first, Andrzej and I had joint humanitarian trips, then Andrzej Świerkosz wanted to stay longer in Ukraine, which meant working closer to the line: Bakhmut, Chasiv Yar", says Yuriy Stepanenko.

Starlink was handed over to the fighters of a separate special forces battalion / YFUA photo

The military asked volunteers for Starlink. With joint efforts, it was possible to purchase it.

This is not the first Starlink – fighters from "Chervona Kalyna" have already received their order.

Starlink for "Chervonaya Kalyna" fighters / Photo by YFUA

And we continue to collect for the next Starlink communication station for the next group.

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Together we will win!

Learn more about our assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine here.

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