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Support group meetings are held in Vinnytsia for those who are waiting for relatives from the war

Psychological support meetings "For us. Who is waiting for relatives from the war" are held in the Veteran's space of the city of Vinnytsia

Volunteers of the veteran space gathered a group of psychologists who work with different methods. And among the participants there are wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters who are waiting for relatives from the war.

Meeting of the support group "For us, those who are waiting for relatives from the war" /Photo: Veteran space

What does Veteran space in Vinnytsia do?

The veteran space implements the following areas of activity:

  • provision of psychological assistance;

  • provision of legal assistance;

  • carrying out activities to increase the professional level, professional reorientation;

  • organization of sports classes and physical culture and sports rehabilitation;

  • creation of business incubators for veterans;

  • organizing the work of mobile aid groups;

  • organization of activities of the regional training center;

  • functioning of the leisure center for the Target group, holding classes for children;

  • monitoring, analysis, preparation of analytical documents and organization and conduct of advocacy campaigns to ensure the rights of the Target Group.

Recently, with the support of the hub, a charity show was organized: funds were collected for an SUV for the Armed Forces

Due to the full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainians are mobilizing all their forces to support the defenders of Ukraine, and the Veteran Space, whose members have been continuously supporting the army since 2014, is not left out.

You can learn more about the activities of the hub during the war by following the link on the Facebook page: Veteran space

Children's Palace of Children and Youth together with music school No. 2 on the territory of "Veteransky space" organized a charity show of the children's collection "When we win".

For those who are waiting for relatives from the war, a support group has been organized - they meet every Saturday

In order to learn more about psychological support meetings, we spoke with Taisa Haida, volunteer, social activist "Automaidan Vinnychchyna" and coordinator of the volunteer point Veteran Space - she is also waiting for her husband from the war.

Taisa Hajda, coordinator of the Veteran Space volunteer point, talks about the needs of volunteers during the war.

Photo: CREDO

Girls gather, communicate with each other, share their experiences, sometimes even cry and support each other. And the Veteran space tries to provide, in addition to psychological support, also legal support if necessary. - says the coordinator of the center.

Meetings take place in a warm atmosphere

During the meetings of "For us, those who are waiting for relatives from the war", a homely atmosphere prevails. You can always get something delicious and fresh tea. And in a circle of like-minded people, you can get real support, because the participants really understand each other - they were united by the war. And an unbreakable belief that native defenders will soon return home.

Even when the meetings end, the girls do not part for a long time - communicate with each other.

Participants hug each other at a psychological support group meeting / Photo: Veteran space

What are these meetings about?

About us.
About our experiences and how to cope with them.
About a friendly shoulder of support. We talk about what is important to us.
"For the sake of us, those who are waiting for their relatives from the war," adds Ms. Taisia.

What issues are discussed at support group meetings?

  • changing the behavior pattern

  • what to talk about and what not to talk about

  • how to meet relatives from the war zone

  • how to teach children to meet their parents from the war

  • changing the behavior of those who are waiting for a partner

  • your personal questions

Can I join meetings online?

For those who cannot attend offline support groups, they plan to record short video tips from psychologists and publish them on the veteran space page.

We have girls who are far away, so we are planning a meeting in Zoom.

If you want to join the support group, you need to fill out the form:

This Saturday, you are invited to come with children - entertainment has been prepared for them.

IMPORTANT: the volunteer center employs a psychologist who himself was in the UBD and was in the war in 2014

By prior appointment, families of defenders, military personnel, IDPs, and volunteers can receive individual counseling (free of charge). This is very important in such a difficult time.

Where to apply?

8 Yerushalymka St.

Telephone for recording:


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