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Take care of your mental health with the help of the site How Are You?

Another online resource was created especially for Ukrainians, which will help take care of their mental state.

Site address How are you?

The new resource aims to take care of the mental health of Ukrainians / Screenshot

On this resource you can:

  • Learn about mental health and watch the video.

  • Download the first-aid kit for psychological help, which will tell you:

- How stress manifests itself

- How not to deal with stress

- How to quickly master stress

Users are offered many exercises and techniques that will help them calm down, master themselves and overcome stress.

I would like Ukrainians to pay attention to their emotional state and take responsibility for it. And you?" will help you find strength in yourself every day, learn to take care of yourself, master stress, anxiety, anger, etc., – say the creators of the site.

You can watch useful videos on the site / Screenshot

Videos are also available on the resource, after watching which you will be able to stabilize yourself or help those around you. In the videos, you will meet many famous people: actors, musicians, etc.

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