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There are summer camps for Ukrainian mothers and children in Italy: how to get there

The free summer camp "Atlantia4Ukraine" is already running from June 13 to September 2 at Villa Fassini in Rome, open to mothers and children from the Ukrainian refugee community who have arrived in Rome in recent months.

The costs of running the camps are covered by the participating municipalities and EU regions, together with public, private and civil society partners. - reports EU neighbors east

What does the Atlantia4Ukraine summer camp offer to Ukrainian mothers with children?

A girl works out in the camp / Photo: Luce

  • Fun activities, sports, yoga, Italian language courses, counseling and multimedia classes for children aged 4 to 14 and their families.

  • Activities usually include indoor and outdoor activities, tours and evening entertainment.

  • Children are provided with psychological and medical support.

What do they do in summer camps?

Atlantia4Ukraine summer camp: a little joy for refugee mothers and children - Photo: Luce

All activities are daytime and take place on weekdays (Monday - Friday) approximately from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including lunch.

Description of outdoor sports:

Swimming (availability of the UISP pool is confirmed) Alternatively, water games (we weigh the pros and cons) Rugby, Soccer, Floorball, Volleyball, Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Baseball, Golf, Fencing, Play sports for the youngest (mini basketball, mini rackets , mini table tennis, recreational and motor routes) Description of internal sports activities:

Karate, judo, freestyle wrestling, fencing.

Description of internal laboratories:

Psychological help, cooking class, computer class, seminar on self-development of opportunities.



Who owns the initiative to create camps?

The summer camp is managed by Sport Senza Frontiere in cooperation with Atlantia, with the support of Caritas, Sant'Egidio Community and Save The Children Italy and together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy, the Department of Civil Protection of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Municipality of Rome.

Over 500 children attended summer camps organized by members of the European Committee of the Regions. The children study in both primary and secondary schools and are currently displaced within Ukraine. The camps lasted from 10 days to three weeks. More camps will be organized during the summer.

The president of the European Committee of the Regions, Vasco Alves Cordeiro, noted: "The war against Ukraine has shaken the entire continent, but the most it has shaken the lives of millions of Ukrainian children. European cities and regions immediately stepped in to provide humanitarian aid and host displaced Ukrainians, and are now working to support Ukraine's reconstruction. Some also decided to provide many children with a place where they will feel safe and participate in entertaining activities... I am grateful to all local and regional representatives who responded to this call and gave a breath of fresh air to hundreds of Ukrainian children.

In which EU countries do the camps operate?

Currently, with the support of the Committee of the Regions, five camps have been organized - in Rome (Italy), Nimes (France), Preila (Latvia), Greater Poland (Poland) and Maramures (Romania), as well as planned camps in the regions of Bavaria (Germany), Subcarpathia . in Poland, in Majorca in Spain and in the city of Gdansk in Poland.

How to participate?

Fill out the pre-registration form, indicating the choice in the desired week. You will then receive a confirmation email informing you of the success of your registration along with additional information.


Children of all ages are welcome, please note that the entertainment activities are suitable for children aged 4 to 14 years.

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