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They were under occupation for 45 days: how Artur and Alyona saved 3 children from the war

Artur and Alyona lived in the Zaporizhzhia region. On March 27, the Russians entered their native village of Basan.

The Russians entered the house and drank beer

At 11 o'clock in the morning, Arthur looked out the window and saw the invaders.

"We have an utmost house, we live in the direction of the city of Pology. And from the window we could see how 130 to 140 units of military equipment passed by", – says the father of the family Artur.

At 12 o'clock the house of Artur and Alyona was surrounded by about 20 BMPs. They began to demolish everything in their path: they drove over fences, gardens, without breaking the road.

Artur and Alyona are raising 3 small children / Photo by YouthFutureUA

"They walked around the yard, rolled the car, cut the wheels - so that I could not go anywhere", – says the man.

They were held hostage for 4 hours

Alyona stayed in the house, and Artur went out into the yard. The man was grabbed and laid face down on the ground. Arthur began to shout that there were children in the house – then the invaders ran into the house and ransacked everything there.

However, after making sure that there were really three children in the house, no more new soldiers were allowed there.

"They were in our house for about 4 hours. They were drinking beer, because they robbed a store, they scattered everything around the yard. The first tank that drove in – it hit the door of the store with it and they stole everything they could, even women's and children's tights", – says Artur.

Artur says that the Russians looted shops and houses / Photo by YouthFutureUA

They even drank beer in a street toilet. And Arthur was also surprised that the Russian soldiers sat on top of their equipment, and inside they put everything they found in people's yards and houses.

They left after 1.5 months

The family was under occupation for 45 days. Shops were closed, it was almost impossible to leave the house due to constant shelling. Then they decided to leave.

Fortunately, it was possible to pass the Russian checkpoints quickly. Artur and Alyona specifically did not take things with them – because all things was carefully checked at checkpoints.

"They forced people to unload everything, show every bag. That's why we left, whatever we had", – says the couple.

First they went to Poland

Three days after leaving the occupation, the family was at the Polish border. They stopped in the city of Zambrov.

Artur immediately got a job at a car wash. The family lived in Poland for 3 months, but decided to return to Ukraine.

Family accidentally stopped in Nemyrov

The couple is raising 3 children: six-year-old Mila, three-year-old Mark and one-year-old Eldar.

Despite everything they had to go through, young parents refuse help. They claim that they have everything and someone definitely needs more.

"Peolpe gave us housing – we live in a dormitory. They feed us once a day", – says Artur.

Now the family lives in Nemyrov / Photo by YouthFutureUA

The family accidentally stoped in the city of Nemyriv, Vinnytsia region – Artur's Polish card with money was blocked. He could not refuel the car – so they had to stop in the first settlement.

There, the family was accommodated in a dormitory, but they want to work and arrange their lives as soon as possible.

They dream of living in the village

Artur is now actively looking for a job. By education, the man is an auto mechanic, he worked as a truck driver in Zaporizhzhia for 10 years.

Artur and Alyona say that they liked living in Nemyrov. They would like to settle down and eventually buy a house in the surrounding villages.

Important: if you have suggestions for work or housing for this family, write to @pangeyaultima in Telegram.

Russians move into empty houses

Neighbors from Zaporozhye tell Artur that Russians are moving into empty houses there. Some even transport their families.

Rumor has it that the houses of those Ukrainians who do not return to Basan by September will finally be taken away.

"If Ukraine will be there, of course, we will return home. But for now we have to work, get settled, there is no other way. We want to find some kind of hut in the village and start all over again", – Artur shares his plans.

YouthFutureUA tries not to ignore the needs of displaced persons and victims of war. Our team purchased the necessary children's medicines for the family, as well as an things for children's education and development.

The YouthFutureUA team provided courier assistance to the family / Photo by YouthFutureUA

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