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Three new Solidarity charity concerts were held

The team which gathered around the idea of holding charity digital concerts for spectators from European countries held three new concerts. After all, what technology has come to! Without leaving our hometown and many useful things that our concert team members do every day we created performances for the audience in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) on May 26, Chemnitz (Germany) on May 31 and also Girifalko (Italy) on June 1.

These were rich and useful events from many perspectives: first of all, we updated and told about the struggle of the Ukrainian people for a bright future, we explained the threats posed by war and the aggressor country, we raised the spirit and sense of solidarity by communicating with guests from abroad, we raised the necessary funds (!) to support the victims of the Russian war in Ukraine and support the struggle! And most importantly and most valuable - we were able to unite in a coalition of conscious and active people from Vinnytsia, who brought their resources, energy and faith in the implementation of these three international events. About them below, but now I would also like to mention those people who were part of the activities abroad.

Our partners from Italy and Germany not only enjoyed our duo's performance online, but also added elements of the program to offline events to attract more visitors, raise more funds and spend time in solidarity with others! This is great. We would like to thank Connecting Europe from Girifalko and personally Noah Zuchna from Chemnitz, who volunteered for the European Voluntary Service in Ukraine a few years ago, as well as the boys and girls from Blagoevgrad (Active Bulgarian Society).

The funds raised during the action will be redirected by the YouthFutureUA project team to the stated needs, namely: production of bulletproof vests, assistance with medicines for medical institutions, support for war victims and information work of the YouthFutureUA program.

We want to thank everyone from our super-team who gathered at this difficult time to do this important thing: the romantic musical duo "Zhenya and Katya" - your music really fits the format of the event !; real video wizard Vinnytsia photographer Dima Dankevych; unsurpassed and energetic sound director Vova Hrytsenko and the team of Sound + Technical Support; another cool Vova - art director of the most atmospheric Art Pub in Vinnytsia "Beer & Blues" and the institution for the space provided, in particular; and the Development Center Pangeya Ultima team for communication with partners abroad. We are proud to have been able to do these events together and feel a real team spirit!

We are not going to stop ahead with this idea and there are agreements of performances in new countries: Lithuania, France, etc. Follow our announcements and join us online, because we are performing not only for specific audiences that gather our partners abroad, but also for everyone who joins the online stream on YouTube!

To watch the last two performances for Chemnitz and Girifalco, you can follow these links:

Also, you can still support us and the needs for which we collect donations. Please go at the link:


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