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Ukrainians have created a platform where you can receive or provide help

In essence, the platform is a kind of bulletin board where you can ask for support or help someone.

Bazilik media reports about this initiative. Advertisements on the site are published free of charge.

The site works like a bulletin board / Screenshot from the main page of

How it works

You need to go to the platform and submit an ad.

What is offered on the platform:

  • Food.

  • Hygiene products.

  • Clothes, shoes, toys.

  • Baby carriages.

  • Furniture, bed linen.

  • Appliances: laptops, washing machines, phones, etc.

  • Non-material help: services of a psychologist, a tutor, sitting with children, etc.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, on the site you can find announcements about extremely different types of assistance. IMPORTANTLY! Help is provided by ordinary Ukrainians, so this platform is not a "store" with free services, it does not always have everything you need.

Categories that can be selected for an ad / Screenshot from the website

The platform also creates ads about needs: someone needs a psychologist, someone needs household items or appliances. The military is also not neglected – there are also announcements of assistance to the defenders.

Does it work only in Ukraine?

Both Ukrainians living in the Motherland and those living abroad can get help here. Each ad indicates the country and city where help is needed or provided.

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