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Program for women who want to be in IT: how to apply

Recruitment is ongoing for a free program for women who want to learn IT professions. The program is available to citizens of Ukraine.

The resource informs about recruiting for a free program for Ukrainian women.

When is the deadline

Recruitment continues until April 15, 2023.

How to apply

To participate in the program, you need to register in the Google form.

Who can participate?

Women and girls from Ukraine who want to learn more about the IT field, change their profession or improve their skills.

Ukrainian women are offered free mentoring in IT / Photo from Unsplash

More about the program

Mentoring program "WinE" (Women IN Engineering) is a social project aimed at helping Ukrainian women to "enter IT".

"We aim to raise awareness of girls about technical specialties in IT and increase their number in this field", – inform the organizers.

Participation in the free program includes 6 consultations with a mentor, each lasting up to 60 minutes.

Participants can choose one of the mentoring areas:

  • Project Management;

  • НR (Human resources);

  • Recruiting/Researching;

  • Business Analysis;

  • Data Analysis;

  • IOS Development;

  • Game Development;

  • Customer Experience;

  • Data Science.



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