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Students affected by the war can go to study in Germany

Germany continues to support Ukrainian refugees and those affected by the war. Currently, they offer support to those who lost a parent (or one of the parents) due to the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian students are offered support in Germany / Photo by Redd F on Unsplash

Who can participate in the program

Ukrainian students of higher mass institutions who lost one or both parents as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The program is implemented in cooperation with the German foundation Stiftunglife.

What are they offering?

Program participants will receive:

  • Individual support from a mentor from Germany. The mentor will have a related specialty to the Ukrainian student.

  • A monthly stipend.

What is required to participate

One of the important conditions for selection is knowledge of the English language. It is enough to know the language at a conversational level. This is necessary in order to pass the interview and communicate with the mentor.

Contacts. You can find out more about the terms of participation by calling 0934659098 (Iryna Kovalenko).


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