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We continue to support our defenders

Tourniquets in the amount of UAH 10,000 were handed over to our frontline defenders, who risk their lives and health for the bright future of homeland.

Activists of YouthFutureUA, participants of Pangeya Ultima collected funds at two events with a charitable purpose: a hybrid concert for the community of the village of Antaliepte in Lithuania (155 Euros) and during a charity auction of Ukrainian items at the Erasmus Plus youth exchange held in Norway (175 Euros) . With this money, we bought tourniquets and sent them to the front lines for our defenders.

Hemostatic tourniquet is a highly effective solution for stopping various types of bleeding in the lower and upper extremities.

Through its various activities, YouthFutureUA continues to support the victims of Russian military aggression in Ukraine, to support the Ukrainian army and to update the society through the informational war. Follow our activities.



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