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Who are YouthFutureUA: learn more about the activities of our project

The YouthFutureUA team helps Ukrainians with information, collects donations to support the army and civilians, and also holds international solidarity concerts. We want you to learn more about our activities. Become a volunteer to help Ukraine, or join our charity initiatives.

The mission of YouthFutureUA is to talk about pro-Ukrainian initiatives, communities and projects; connect subjects who need help or are ready to provide it; create own projects that help Ukraine and Ukrainians; redirect resources to solve the problems of target groups.

Charity concerts

YouthFutureUA has already held 5 charity concerts for people from Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Lithuania.

One of the charity concerts / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Concerts take place in a mixed format: online and offline. Favorites of the people of Vinnytsia, the band "Zhenya and Katya", sing for Europeans. Usually, foreigners gather in a certain cozy place: bars or something, enjoy music, learn more about events in Ukraine and donate funds.

The next concert is already next Tuesday

The group "Zhenya and Katya" will perform for the audience from North Macedonia. You can come to the concert in the Vinnytsia city, at the address: Pub Beer & Blues, str. 600th anniversary, 60, or online.

The next charity concert will be held on July 19 / YouthFutureUA poster

During the concert, charitable donations will be collected for the needs of victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

We support the army

We direct the funds collected through charity concerts and evenings to support the army.

Our project aims to help soldiers / Photo by YouthFutureUA

In particular, we acquired and transferred to our soldiers:

  • 20 plate carriers for body armor.

  • Occlusive bandages worth about 10,000 hryvnias.

Occlusive bandages are indispensable for penetrating lung lesions. They prevent air from entering the wound and seal penetrating wounds.

With the help of donations, we are able to purchase tactical medicine / Photo by YouthFutureUA

  • Hemostatic bandages.

These bandages are used to stop bleeding. They are impregnated with a special agent that helps stop the blood.

  • Nasopharyngeal tubes.

They are inserted into the respiratory tract in case of injuries. This allows the victim to breathe fully.

  • Tourniquets for stopping blood, worth about 10,000 hryvnias.

We support immigrants and refugees

We use part of the donations to support people in need. You can learn more about this in our financial report.

Informational assistance

On the YouthFutureUA website, you can learn about how Ukrainians are supported in the world. Read how to get psychological help online, how to find a job during the war and how to relieve yourself emotionally.

On our website you can find out opportunities for Ukrainians / Photo by Maryna Janush

We write a lot about opportunities for Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France and other countries. We talk about initiatives that help those injured during hostilities.

Here you can learn how not to become a victim of violence against women.

In addition, be sure to read the stories of people who faced the realities of war, but did not lose strength of spirit and faith in the best.

We help with fundraising

The YouthFutureUA project can help you with specific fundraising for your situation.

We are ready to provide informational help with fundraising / Freepic photo

Importantly! We prefer:

  • collection of funds for the treatment of injured persons,

  • collection of humanitarian support for those who lost their homes,

  • collection of funds for the purchase of medicines, etc.

Email us at with your need in the subject line (eg "Treatment", "Financial assistance", etc.).

We develop a community of volunteers*

The YouthFutureUA team has its own network of volunteers both in Ukraine and abroad.

To expand connections, gather together like-minded people and realize their mission, the team holds meetings of volunteers.

We are looking for activists and volunteers / YouthFutureUA poster

The next meeting will be held:

  • July 19, Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.

  • Address: Vinnytsia city, Beer & Blues pub, address: st. 600th anniversary, 60.

  • Entrance to the meeting is free, we will also treat you with goodies and entertain you with a performance by the duet "Zhenya and Katya".

Register to attend meetings or simply join our volunteer network. Meetings can also be joined online with prior registration.

Join us if you want to:

  • be a volunteer*, become a member of an active team,

  • you create your own projects and are looking for a team of like-minded people.

  • ready to help Ukraine and Ukrainians,

  • you dream of finding friends, interesting communication and having a great time.

*The development of the YouthFutureUA volunteer community is supported by the NGO "Institute of Economic Research and Political Consultations", which implements the project "Citizenship for Democratization" with the assistance of the European Union. We started cooperation with this institute in 2022.

Here you can support Ukrainian soldiers or people affected by the war. And also view the financial report on collected and spent funds.


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