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Words help: a free chatbot of round-the-clock psychological support has been created in Ukraine

The team of NaUKMA Mental Health Center and CyberFI Faculty of Informatics NaUKMA has created a free telegram bot @WordsHelpingBot for round-the-clock psychological assistance to Ukrainians on smartphones.

Every Ukrainian, from the youngest to the oldest, experiences a different range of emotions and feelings every day. From the belief in victory and the future - to the loss of meaning in life. Such jumps are typical, given the high level of stress that we have to face during the war. We found ourselves in different conditions in the rear or at the epicenter of hostilities. And it is important to reduce the level of tension and adjust your psyche so as to bring as much benefit as possible to yourself, your loved ones and the country.

The @WordsHelpingBot telegram bot was created to give Ukrainians 24-hour access to free anonymous psychological care. He talks about different states and emotions and suggests how you can help yourself if you are not able to consult a psychologist now. Fear, anxiety, panic, apathy, motor arousal, anger, rage, aggression, hysteria, nervous tremors, crying, feelings of guilt / shame - all these feelings in the chat are tips that can be applied at this particular time.

The developers also filled @WordsHelpingBot with words of support from real people. All you have to do is tell the bot how you feel and he will choose the words you need.

In addition, @WordsHelpingBot provides instructions on how to properly communicate with other people if you notice that they need help. He teaches how to establish contact correctly and what not to do so as not to cross people's personal boundaries. How to properly support those around you and take care of yourself.

To use the bot, you need to enter in the telegram search: @WordsHelpingBot

And on the NaUKMA Mental Health Center Facebook page you can read detailed articles about the most common conditions during the war and special techniques that will help you master yourself. About children's fears and useful exercises for concentration. About war, acceptance and faith in the future.



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