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You are not alone: ​​experts provide free psychological counseling for refugees

Vinnytsia Medical Center "Sun Clinic" is involved in supporting IDPs due to the full-scale war in Ukraine and provides free psychological counseling from qualified professionals with many years of experience. In particular, consultations with a psychotherapist, medical psychologist and psychiatrist are available.

Russia has ruined the lives of millions of Ukrainians, no psychologist is able to replace lost relatives, regain their homes and restore their former lives. The war changed everything, divided life into "before" and "after". How to learn to live on? Open your heart - experts will help you cope with your feelings. Confidentiality is guaranteed!

Sun Clinic Medical Center is licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Health No. 684 of March 20, 2020).

"In our practice we use the latest standards of national, European and American treatment protocols.
Many years of practical experience of specialists of San Clinic Medical Center allows us to work with different conditions and diagnoses.
We work on the basis of strict confidentiality. "
We apply an individual approach to each client. "

Contact +380683331104


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