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Austria sponsors the training of the Ukrainian police

The Embassy of Austria will donate over 100,000 euros to the Ukrainian police. These funds will be used for training and equipment for police officers.

This was reported by the EU Neigbuors East resource. The Austrian Embassy in Kyiv and the EU Consultative Mission (ECM) in Ukraine signed the donation agreement on December 15.

Austria supports Ukrainian police officers / Photo by EU Neighbors East

What will the funds be used for?

The donation in the amount of 105 thousand euros will be used for:

  • providing police officers with some equipment,

  • conducting trainings at places where serious crimes were committed.

Participants in the training will be members of the Department of Forensic Support of the Main Investigative Department of the National Police of Ukraine. This department investigates about 90% of international crimes committed in Ukraine.

According to Antti Hartikainen, the head of the CSEC, such support will open the way to finding justice and ending hostilities unleashed by Russia's aggression.


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