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Canada for Ukrainians: free visa, financial aid, work permit - about EVERYTHING and in order

Canada has launched a temporary migration program for Ukrainians who left the country due to the Russian invasion.

This is stated in a statement on the website of the Canadian government.

"In response to Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser announced the launch of the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUAET). CUAET is a special, fast-track temporary residency pathway for Ukrainians seeking safe haven in Canada while the war continues in their native country," the statement reads.

What does the new program provide for Ukrainians?

Under this program, Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality can stay in Canada as temporary residents for up to 3 years.

NOTE: The CUAET visa is not a refugee application, it is actually a tourist visa with the possibility of legal employment and study.

According to this special program, many requirements related to a regular visa or work permit were canceled so that forced migrants from Ukraine could adapt to new conditions as quickly as possible.

Ukrainians and their family members are exempt from Canada's requirements for vaccination against COVID-19. However, they must meet all other health requirements for travel, such as quarantine and testing.

IMPORTANT: The entire process of obtaining a visa and work permit is free.

Rally in support of Ukraine / Photo: Evan Buhler/The Canadian Press

While in Ukraine or abroad, you can submit an online application for a visa to Canada and provide your biometric data (fingerprints and photo). At the same time, it is suggested to apply for a 3-year open work permit at the same time as applying for a visa. This permit allows you to work in Canada. Previously, such permits were issued for no more than 6 months.

We would like to remind you that the Canada Visa Center in the city of Lviv has resumed work since July 13. Biometric data can be submitted at the Visa Center only in the presence of a Biometric Instruction Letter, which can be obtained after filling out the application form. All other services, including passport submission, are suspended until further notice.

How to enroll children in school?

It is enough to call the school where you want to enroll your children and they will tell you how to register them.

Photo: from the Internet

Elementary and high school students can register and start attending school immediately after arriving in Canada, and anyone who wants to study in post-secondary institutions can apply for a study permit. Public schools in Canada are free, unlike kindergartens.

Financial aid: how to apply and how much you can count on

The Government of Canada provides financial assistance - a one-time payment - to help Ukrainian families who are in Canada under a Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel (CUAET) permit.

Financial assistance is provided for the opportunity to take care of your basic needs (including paying rent), for a more convenient adaptation in Canada.

You can apply if you:

  • are in Canada

  • came under the CUAET program

  • have a Canadian bank account

Along with personal information, you must provide your unique customer identifier (UCI) number and temporary resident status document number [IMM 1442].

How much can you get?

  • $3,000 per adult (18 and over)

  • $1,500 for each child (up to 17 years old)

Payment is credited by direct deposit and takes up to 5 business days. Your bank may take another 3 to 5 days to reflect the deposit in your account.

Apply now:

Ukraine immigration measures: Financial assistance -

How to apply for the CUAET program?

  • The first step is to register and receive an invitation code on the IRCC portal and apply for a visitor visa and open work permit online through the portal of the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada at the link: portal-portail.apps.cic.gc. approx

  • The second step is to provide biometric data. If the applicant does not already have biometrics on file, the Government of Canada will ask the applicant to provide them (namely fingerprints and a photograph) at the visa centre. Canada's visa center in Lviv has resumed work. It is possible to submit biometrics!

  • The third step - finally, before the application for a guest visa and an open work permit is approved, the applicant should mail the passport to the visa center in Ukraine. This requirement will be difficult to fulfill, as all visa centers in Ukraine are closed at this time. Given this, the applicant may have to mail the passport to a visa center outside of Ukraine and travel to such a center to collect the passport with the visitor visa. Visa centers operate in Moldova, Romania, Austria and Poland, as well as in many other European countries.

How to fill out the questionnaire?

Detailed instructions for submitting an application and filling out a form for obtaining a guest visa - step-by-step instructions have been developed on the Lowcost Avia website

Where to go?

Canada is a federation consisting of ten provinces and three territories, the country itself is multicultural and multilingual: at the federal level, two official languages ​​are recognized - English and French.

Depending on the province, laws, climate, language, rental prices and additional forms of support for Ukrainians fleeing the war may vary. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study the program for each province and choose the best option for yourself.

How to choose a province?

The easiest way is to find groups in social networks with the name of the province where Canadian Ukrainians live.

The first plane with Ukrainian refugees landed in Canada / Photo:

Often, not only ethnic Ukrainians answer there, but also multinational Canadians (in English or French) who want to help Ukrainian refugees settle into a peaceful life.

Many Canadians even help with free shelter - they temporarily provide rooms in their own homes and support refugees with adaptation in every possible way.

As an example: information for newcomers to Canada - the province of Ontario

Natalya Limpopo, a Ukrainian woman living in Toronto, told step by step about the main things in the province of Ontario in the group Vyshivanka-help for Ukrainians in Toronto

Assistance at the airport:

Red Cross 1- 833-354-1628

1. Assistance in finding temporary housing

COSTI Housing Department: 416-244-0480, 647-245-4321, 647-245-4314,

Jewish Immigrant Aid Services: 437-232-5971

Ukrainian Immigration Service 416-767-4595

2. Apply for a SIN tax number (Social Insurance Number)

Or go to the office and get it immediately:

CUAIS (Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society) 416-767-4595 - by appointment

3. Open a bank account.

Many Canadian banks offer free plans (temporarily), a Ukrainian credit union offers Ukrainians to open an account for free

PROMOTION "New Future"

Banking services for newly arrived Ukrainian brothers and sisters

The Future Credit Union welcomes new arrivals to Canada!

4. Apply for a medical card with Service Ontario

Those arriving under CUAET can visit an Ontario Government Full Service Center with the following documents to apply for OHIP:

Work visa (student) with CUAET postscript

• Document – ​​proof of address

• Identity documents (passport)

To find an Ontario Government Service Centre,

or call INFOline Service Ontario at 1-866. -532-3161 (TTY: 1-800-387-5559).

Upon enrollment, each individual will immediately receive a transaction record that confirms OHIP eligibility and includes the individual's health record number and version code. A record of the transaction may be presented to health care providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) to facilitate access to insured health care prior to obtaining a health record.

Service Ontario offices are by appointment only. To book an appointment, visit:

5. Financial assistance

Ukrainians in Ontario who have an Emergency Travel to Canada (CUAET) permit are eligible to apply for emergency assistance, which provides temporary financial support for basic needs and asylum payments in crisis situations.

If you don't have enough money for food and shelter, you can apply for emergency assistance.


• if you have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN), you can apply online:

• if you do not have a social security number, contact your local Ontario Works office:

apply now:

6. Discounts for travel in Toronto

For those who received emergency financial assistance from Ontario (non-federal)

The program offers a 33 percent discount on adult single-trip (TTC) fares and a 21 percent discount on adult TTC monthly passes. The discount is programmed on the PRESTO card

Discounts on travel in Michigan

7. English classes for adults 416-767-0870

Schedule a test: or 416-925-5462

Settlement services and free English classes:

Parkdale Intercultural Association (

Ukraine and all Ukrainians are very grateful for the support provided by the government of Canada and its citizens in solidarity. We are very lucky to have such faithful friends around the world and it is really important for us to know that we are not alone in the fight against evil. Thank you so much for your open hearts!

Everyone can get Ukraine closer to victory. Help YouthFutureUA fulfill our mission, support the Ukrainian army and Ukrainians in need. Even small amounts are important. You can make it here.



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