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Canada: pros and cons, tips for Ukrainian refugees

Due to Russian aggression, some Ukrainians want to leave for Canada. This is not surprising – because they offer free visas, access to the labor market, etc.

However, the dream country of many Ukrainians may turn out to be quite different from what the refugees expect. The "KP" resource analyzes the pros and cons of life in Canada and gives advice to Ukrainians who have decided to move there.

We have already talked about free visas under the CUAET program, choosing a province, finding housing, etc. Find out about it at the link below:

What is needed to move to Canada

  • have at least a certain level of English,

  • some financial cushion that will allow you to live until you find a job,

  • it is great if you have acquaintances in Canada who will help you find housing or shelter you for a certain period of time. All because there is no social housing in Canada and you will have to rent your own accommodation.

Many Ukrainians want to move to big cities, but life there is much more expensive / Photo by Unsplash

The cost of housing. In small cities, a one-room apartment costs about 1,000 – 1,500 Canadian dollars (28 – 41 thousand hryvnias). It is worth knowing that teenagers of different genders must have separate rooms.

In addition, the housing is usually rented without furniture – that is, it must be equipped by yourself.

Pros and cons of moving to Canada

Among the disadvantages of Canada for Ukrainian refugees, the following can be mentioned:

  • Lack of free kindergartens.

  • The need to have a car – the distances in the country are long, and not everywhere can be reached by public transport.

  • Long-term job search – employers carefully approach the hiring process, carefully check the candidate and his background.

  • The weather here is quite difficult, in some provinces winter lasts literally half a year. Because of this, the roads often deteriorate: the asphalt melts together with the snow.

However, there are also advantages:

  • Ukrainians can apply for permanent residence, and later – for citizenship.

  • In Canada, everyone has opportunities for development – there are many immigrants here, they can develop and build their lives on a par with local residents.

  • Local residents are polite and friendly, they treat Ukrainians well and try to help.

  • Canada has a developed education system, good social security, and cares about human rights and the environment.

  • The wonderful nature of Canada allows you to visit mountains, lakes, relax and enjoy.

In some provinces, winter is very harsh / Photo by Unsplash

Tips for Ukrainians moving to Canada:

  • Carefully consider which province you are moving to. Canada has English-speaking and French-speaking provinces, so take care of your language skills.

  • Also, different provinces have different taxes, cost of living, etc. Find out everything before you go to Canada.

  • Look for the things you need in second-hand stores: you can buy not only clothes, but also dishes and even appliances there.

  • You can also find what you need in humanitarian aid groups on Facebook: they often give away useful things for free or very cheaply.

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