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Conduct research in Romania or Bulgaria: Ukrainian scientists are offered a scholarship

Prize winners will have the opportunity to spend half a year abroad, receive a monthly payment and access to the resources of the educational institution.

Information resource House of Europe informs about the opportunity for Ukrainian men and women.

What is this opportunity about?

The scholarship gives a chance to work in one of the following EU scientific institutes: New Europe College in Bucharest (Romania) or the Center for Advanced Studies in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Ukrainian scientists can compete for a scholarship in the field of social sciences and humanities / Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Scholars will receive:

  • a stipend in the amount of 850 euros per month;

  • free accommodation and travel compensation;

  • comfortable working space;

  • the opportunity to spend the period from October 2024 to March 2025 abroad;

  • etc.

Scholarship application deadline: March 31, 2024. All details and application forms can be found at the link.

Who is this opportunity for?

Scientists who:

have a PhD in the field of social sciences or humanities;

live in cities that suffered from the Russian invasion;

know English well.


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