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Emotional release: Ukrainians are offered to read books for free

During war and stressful events, it is important to give yourself a rest and at least sometimes switch your attention. Books can help with this.

Ukrainian publishing house Booknet offers a selection of books for adults and children. All of them are absolutely free. Download it and enjoy.

The selection mainly includes books by Ukrainian writers.

Classical works

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Ivan Nechuy-Levytskyi "The Kaidash family"

A classic of Ukrainian literature that will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

Mykola Kostomarov "Chernihivka"

A book by a Ukrainian historian, philosopher and thinker, dedicated to Ukrainian culture and the everyday life of Ukrainians.

Modern novels

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A light comedy that will definitely cheer you up.

Yulianna Boyluk, Cold Power "Against Friendship"

A women's novel about everyday miracles.

Olesya Lys "Gwendolyn"

This is a kind of love fantasy that draws you in from the first lines. "I will write frankly, I swallowed the book in one evening", – the reader shares.

Adaline Cherno "Let me be near you"

Modern love novel. "This is a true story, a life story. It's interesting", – readers comment.

Natiko Maer (NAtiKO), Sofia Viterets "United by dance"

A story about feelings that will not leave you indifferent.

Fantasy with an extraordinary plot and an exciting story.

Modern love prose from a Ukrainian author.

Maria Stormina "Nurse in Law"

An exciting love story that allows you to distract yourself from anxious everyday life.

Children's literature

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"What a beautiful fairy tale! Brightly and cinematically written. I would like to have such a good adventure book in my library", – readers say.

Halyna Korytska "Fox businessman"

A book for the youngest kids. Parents say that it has a sad ending, but it's still a good and mournful story.

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