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Free tickets to Canada: how to register?

The Ukraine2Canada Foundation is issuing another 300 free tickets for Ukrainians who received a CUAET emergency travel visa.

According to the funds, it is planned to send 10 Ukrainians to Canada in this way. 300 free tickets are provided for each flight, which can be obtained after appropriate registration one after the other.

Free flight to Canada for Ukrainians / Image: Ukrinform

What is required to receive the right to a free flight

  • The final destination must be Canada.

  • It is necessary to have a valid CUAET visa.

  • It is necessary to be ready to fly to Canada within 60 days after registration.

  • Do not apply for free tickets from other organizations.

Step-by-step instructions for obtaining a CUAET visa at this link: okay

How to register for a free flight to Canada

Register for free tickets here:

You can register for a free trip to Canada on the fund's website. The next registration will open on August 15 at 5:00 p.m.

To enter Canada, each passenger must have valid travel documents, and the following numbers:

  • passport,

  • business visa or electronic travel permit (ETA),

  • travel document for one trip, if the passport/visa is invalid,

  • Vaccinations against COVID-19.

  • for children - written consent of one of the parents with their contact details and a passport photo (notarized certification is optional).

During the week after registration, the registrants will be contacted to clarify the flight details. If the application is approved, you should wait for the answer until July 5.

Is it possible to choose the city of departure?

During the registration, you can specify the desired departure and arrival destinations and the optimal option will be selected for you. Flights take place from different places in Europe, this is reported separately on the fund's page.

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