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Good deeds do not end: another platform where Ukrainians can seek help

The Find Refuge website is another extremely useful initiative. Here you can also ask for help or provide it.

Another useful initiative

There are more and more useful initiatives in Ukraine / Screenshot from the Find Refuge website

There are 2 simple options available on the portal: "Get help" and "Give help".

Both IDPs and refugees from Ukraine can register and receive assistance.

"We rally volunteers and organizations to solve various problems of people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances, in particular as a result of the war", – note the founders of the platform.

The following categories are available on the website:

  • Help for children

  • Dwelling

  • Work

  • Assistance to people with disabilities

  • Education

  • Legal assistance

  • Psychologist's help

  • Aid

  • Separately – assistance to internally displaced persons

We remind you that we wrote about another platform to help Ukrainians

Categories on the Find Refuge website / Screenshot

"Helping on Find Refuge is as convenient as possible. Here you will meet those who need your competence, experience and knowledge, not just money", – share the founders.


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