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How not to buy goods from war sponsors: Boycott Russia Bot will help

Everyone knows that many companies closed in Russia and left its market with the start of a full-scale war. However, there are many brands that continue to sell their products in Russia and sponsor terrorism in that country.

The goods of these brands are also sold in Ukraine. If you don't want to support those who sponsor the war with hryvnias, use the Boycott Russia Bot.

The bot helps to avoid the goods of those companies trading in Russia / Screenshot from the site

What can a bot do?

You enter the name of the brand, trademark, company, etc. and send the bot. It tells you whether this company works in Russia.

The bot "knows" popular and well-known companies. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to check literally all the brands on the shelves of Ukrainian stores.

Also, the initiative has its own website, where you can view the "List of Shame", as well as talk about a company that is not yet on it, but which should be.

Examples of bot responses (scroll the slider):



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