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How Ukrainians can study in Finland for free: the University of Lapland opens its doors

Because of the war, many Ukrainian students went abroad. Universities in different countries of the world support our youth and offer many opportunities to continue their studies.

In particular, the University of Lapland offers a number of opportunities for Ukrainians. Young people can take training courses for free.

Pay attention! Eligibility for free education is the ability to complete certain courses, but not the entire degree.

Who has the right to study for free

The University of Lapland invites Ukrainian students / Photo Wikipedia

Ukrainians who came to Finland because of the war and are current students of Ukrainian "universities" are invited to study.

In other words, the right to study is given to those students who left Ukraine due to Russia's military aggression. Education for such persons is free of charge.

You need to know. The University of Lapland is the northernmost university in Finland. It is located in the city of Rovaniemi. The university has 4 faculties: law, pedagogy, social sciences, art and design. Source: Wikipedia

Many courses are already open

In the fall of 2022, Ukrainian students can take more than 40 courses at all faculties. There are certain requirements for students: some courses are available to those who have almost completed their studies at the bachelor's or master's level.

Other courses are available to all students. Also, the requirements for trainees specify the level of English they must have.

You can learn languages

Ukrainian students are invited to language courses / Photo Lapin yliopisto

The university has a language center in which Ukrainian students are offered classes of Finnish, German, French, Italian, Spanish and even Chinese.

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