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Learn programming, history and more: TOP-15 free online courses

Today, more and more Ukrainians want to study online. COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions, and later the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, force people to look for alternative ways to study and improve their qualifications.

We offer a selection of free online courses available to everyone.

General educational platforms

Ukrainian platforms

In modern world you need to constantly learn / Photo by Iewek Gnos on Unsplash

This is one of the largest and most popular platforms for learning in Ukraine. Prometheus positions itself as a massive open online course.

Here you will find a selection of courses from various fields of knowledge. Certificates are provided for successful completion. Most courses are free, but you can also find in-depth paid courses with mentors.

Another popular Ukrainian platform. Here you will find online courses, special projects, blogs about education and even interactive textbooks.

The "highlight" of this platform is that there you will find many courses for teachers and students. The materials for preparing for the external examination will be especially useful.

WiceCow is a kind of video lecture. Here you will find short videos that tell about history, art, literature, culture, etc. in an interactive form.

In addition to videos, you will also find additional educational materials on the platform.

The educational platform offers courses on personal development, entrepreneurship, effective thinking, etc.

ВУM positions itself as a platform for the development of civil society.

This platform offers online courses for entrepreneurs within the Google Digital Workshop project.

You can learn the basics of programming, marketing, and even the art of public speaking. There are courses for a few hours and even for a few days.

6. EduHub This project is implemented by the educational agency of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Here you can take the following courses: communications, sales, critical thinking, marketing, ecology, public speaking, etc.

Foreign platforms

Online education is becoming an alternative to formal education / Photo by Unsplash

One of the most popular online learning platforms in the world. Courses here are available mainly in English. However, this platform contains courses translated into Ukrainian or with subtitles.

Here you can study business development, personal development, computer technologies. You can also learn various languages on the Cousera platform.

8. TED This project is also known all over the world. The TED platform is a series of video lectures from scientists, artists, specialists from various fields who share their thoughts.

Lectures can be found on YouTube and viewed with Ukrainian subtitles.

9. Khan Academy The goal of this project is to give people from anywhere in the world access to free education.

The Academy website has more than 4,200 free video lectures on history, mathematics, medicine, finance, chemistry and physics, biology and astronomy, economics, computer science and art.

Specialized courses: sustainable development 10. Impactorium This online education platform aims to spread the goals of sustainable development. Here you can find small workshops, blogs, broadcasts of conferences.

Specialized courses: history

Source: Facebook of Yehor Stadny

If you want to gain a thorough knowledge of history and structure what you once learned in school, check out these online courses.

History courses are popular in Ukraine / Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash

More than 100 fundamental interviews about various problematic issues of Ukrainian history are collected here.

Speakers were real experts on specific historical topics. "Local History" also has a website and a magazine.

Here you will find a lot of videos dedicated to various historical events. The high quality of the video and the interesting presentation of the events will make you watch series after series.

YouTube channel "about the past of Ukraine and the world without decorations and falsifications".

Here you can find many videos refuting historical fakes and falsifications, denying stereotypes about Ukraine and Ukrainians.

An entertaining format where they talk about important things in a funny way. The authors of the channel recommend watching the video only to those who have already reached the age of 18.

Yale University professor Timothy Snyder teaches a course on the creation of modern Ukraine. This course of lectures has become extremely popular on YouTube. *Main photo by Headway on Unsplash

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