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New financial assistance in Poland - how much and who can receive it

The Polish Red Cross will distribute 500 zloty vouchers to Ukrainian refugees. The Red Cross writes about it.

How to get a voucher in Poland?

The Polish Red Cross distributes vouchers / Photo: Red Cross

9 thousand families from Ukraine can receive a voucher worth 500 zlotys (4,020 hryvnias) for the purchase of the most necessary things.

"Refugees, in order to receive a voucher, can appear at the headquarters of the Polish Red Cross, which is located in Krakow at 19 Studenski Street. The right to receive vouchers is for persons who crossed the border of Poland for the first time after February 24, 2022, who have not previously used financial aid of the Polish Red Cross".

They will be distributed in 9 voivodeships of Poland from September 16:

  • Lower Silesia;

  • Lubuske;

  • Malopolska;

  • Subcarpathian;

  • Podlaskie;

  • Silesia;

  • Świętokrzyskie;

  • Warmian-Masurian;

  • Greater Poland

Importantly! Those who have not yet received any assistance from the Red Cross can receive vouchers.

What categories of people can get help?

  • an adult who is the mother/father/legal guardian of one or more children;

  • those who live with family members older than 50 years;

  • people over 50 who live alone;

  • guardians of people with disabilities.

Where can I use vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be used in more than 60,000 stores, retail and service points in Poland.

To get them, contact the district and district offices of the Red Cross in Poland.

Everything is financed by grants that Poland receives from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein in the framework of cooperation with Norwegian and EEA Foundations.

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