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Young journalists and students are offered a free trip to Brussels

The Youth4Regions program was maden for young journalists or students of relevant specialties. This is an opportunity to visit Brussels, learn about EU policy in different regions and beyond.

The House of Europe resource informs about the opportunity for Ukrainian youth. The program is managed by the European Commission.

Apply for the program for students and young journalists / Image from

Who is this trip for?

Participants can apply for participation in the program who:

  • are interested in EU policy in their own region;

  • aged from 18 to 30 years;

  • are citizens of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova or any EU country;

  • are students of the Faculty of Journalism or have up to 2 years of experience as journalists;

  • have not previously participated in Youth4Regions.

What are they offering?

Young journalists are invited to visit Brussels, meet famous journalists, take part in press trips to learn more about EU policy.

The trip will take place between October 5 and 11.

The organizers will provide:

  • covering the costs of accommodation, food and travel;

  • trainings on journalism and EU regional policy;

  • mentorship from famous Ukrainian journalists;

  • networking with program graduates;

  • visiting European editorial offices and institutions, etc.

To participate, you need to create a material about one of the EU projects / Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

What is required to participate

  1. Application completed in English.

  2. Resume.

  3. An article of 2,500 to 6,250 characters or a 2-3 minute photo or video report about one of these projects (choose any). The material must be in English or at least have an English annotation.

Application deadline: July 8, 2024. The results will be announced on August 12. A total of 37 participants will be selected.



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