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Psychological support for journalists: urgently register for training from AUP

The Academy of the Ukrainian Press offers Ukrainian journalists to recover in psychological training. It will take place on January 26-27, so hurry up to register.

The official website of the AUP informs about the opportunity for Ukrainian journalists.

Trainers will share self-help techniques / Photo from the AUP website

Who is this opportunity for?

For journalists who cover war events, they are in a risk zone, experiencing daily stress. In a word, for those media workers who need "psychological shelter".

Terms of participation in the training

The event will take place on January 26-27, 2024 in Kyiv. Participation in the training is free. The training will be held in a suburban complex, where the participants will be taken by a shuttle. The transfer itself, as well as accommodation, meals and participation in all training events are free of charge.

How to register

Registration is open at the link. Training starts tomorrow, so hurry!

What awaits the participants

During the training, the participants will be helped to "fix injuries" related to the performance of official duties during the war.

At the training, you will learn useful techniques for maintaining internal balance / Unsplash photo

Participants will learn to maintain inner balance through body practices, reset the nervous system through emotions, and activate their resources through art.

The trainers of the project will teach you practical tools: you will be able to help yourself in acute stressful situations, as well as long-term stress.

If you have any questions, contact Yulia Rytsyk, AUP project assistant: (067) 372 27 33,



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