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Start your own business: Ukrainians are offered free training in several cities

Recruitment for the training program for future entrepreneurs is currently underway. The three-day trainings will take place in November 2023.

The portal "GURT" informs about an interesting opportunity.

Ukrainians are offered to join one of the world's largest programs that teach business. The author of the program is the International Labor Organization.

You will be taught:

  • where to start your business;

  • what sequential steps need to be taken;

  • where to get start-up capital;

  • how to restart your business in a new location.

You can submit an application for training using the link. Please note that each city has its own deadline.

Тренінг буде корисний як майбутнім підприємцям, так і тим, хто втратив бізнес через війну / Фото Unsplash

The training will be useful both for future entrepreneurs and those who lost their business due to the war / Photo by Unsplash

What topics are offered

During the training, future entrepreneurs will be told about:

  • search and evaluation of a business idea;

  • marketing plan;

  • personnel support;

  • organization and management;

  • cost calculation;

  • financial planning;

  • opportunities to attract financing;

  • writing a business plan.

Participants will be able to try themselves in the role of entrepreneurs with the help of a unique business game created by the International Labor Organization.

Interesting: this game can be played only by certified trainers during the training program.

In which cities will the trainings take place and the deadlines for each city

  • November 10 - 12, Irpin (deadline - November 1).

  • November 11-13, Dnipro (deadline – November 1).

  • November 17 - 19, Kamianets-Podilskyi (deadline - November 7).

  • November 17-19, Chernivtsi (deadline – November 7).

  • November 18 - 20, Vinnytsia (deadline - November 7).

  • November 24 - 26, Khmelnytskyi (deadline - November 15).

Watch a video about the training program:

Conditions of participation

Participation in trainings is free. The organizers will provide the participants with educational materials and food during the training. However, transportation costs and accommodation are not compensated.

Selected participants will receive an invitation letter with detailed information by mail.


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