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Tail help: the EU provides Ukraine with demining dogs

The European Union is sending not ordinary shaggy dogs to Ukraine, but specially trained mine detection dogs.

This was reported by the EU Neighbors East website. Animals will help to find mines and explosives.

The most mined country in the world

Today, Ukraine is the most mined country in the world. According to the European Commission, 30% of the territory of Ukraine is contaminated by mines and unexploded ammunition.

The EU provides Ukraine with demining dogs / Photo by EU Neighbor East

Half a hundred dogs are going to Ukraine

The EU has launched a special project to train dogs. A total of 50 mine and explosive detection dogs should be prepared and handed over to Ukraine.

These animals are taught to look for explosives in fields, in vehicles, and also in buildings: hospitals, schools, factories.

Among the instructors are retired and active police officers from Austria, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and Malta, who have extensive experience in training mine and explosive detection dogs.



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