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Ukrainian defenders from the Chervona Kalyna Brigade urgently need a car

Our charity fund helps Ukrainian defenders from the 14th Brigade of Operational Assignment, also known as Chervona Kalyna. The defenders need a car to perform the tasks of protecting Ukraine from the Russian invaders.

The charity fund "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" continues to support defenders. So far, a drone, walkie-talkies, thermal imagers, etc. have already been handed over to the fighters from Chervona Kalyna Brigade.

Defenders from Chervona Kalyna Brigade need a car / Photo by YouthFutureUA

Raising money for a car

Defenders have an urgent need for a car. Currently, the defenders are fighting in the southern direction.

However, there is a shortage of cars in the unit. Therefore, we urgently collect funds for a car!

Join the gathering:

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