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Ukrainian museums and libraries will be able to receive laptops

The European Commission is expanding its "Laptops for Ukraine" initiative. If earlier, within the framework of the program, equipment was collected for schools, hospitals, and state administrations, now cultural institutions will also be able to receive laptops.

The EU Neighbors East resource reports on a useful initiative for Ukrainians.

What it is

The "Laptops for Ukraine" initiative was launched by the European Commission in December 2022. It initially aimed to collect laptops, phones and tablets for schools, hospitals and government institutions.

The equipment was transferred to those regions of Ukraine that suffered the most as a result of the war.

Laptops are given to schools, hospitals, government institutions, and now also to museums and libraries / Image EU Neighbors East

Laptops for culture

From now on, the equipment will also be transferred to Ukrainian institutions of cultural heritage, in particular, museums and libraries.

Laptops and scanners will be provided so that Ukrainians can scan and preserve objects of cultural heritage.

"The goal is to be able to track down destroyed, lost and stolen cultural heritage objects, restore and bring them back to life, preserve them and make them available online for everyone", – reported in the press release of the European Commission.
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