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We are opening a fundraiser for a processor for the "Azov" regiment

Our defenders from the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Azov Regiment need a powerful processor in order to fight more effectively.

The charity fund "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" announces the collection of funds for a processor for "Azov". The defenders are now fighting near Bakhmut, one of the hottest areas of the front.

You can support the collection HERE.

We are collecting funds for such a processor for "Azov" / Screenshot

Campaign details

  • The name of the project is "Processor for Azov".

  • Required amount: about 40,000 hryvnias.

  • Allocation of funds: for the purchase of a processor for the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the "Azov" Regiment.

  • Terms of implementation: within 14 days.

*Where will the money go in case of non-implementation of the project or if there are leftovers: To other projects within the charity program "Help to the Armed Forces".

**By transferring funds to the accounts of the Charity Fund "Future of the Youth of Ukraine", payers agree that the amount of the donation is non-refundable.


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