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We sent detergents to Donetsk region: there, local residents regularly wash the uniforms of defenders

The "Future of the Youth of Ukraine" charity fund, together with volunteer Yuriy Stepanenko, continues to support the military. This time they visited defenders in Kostyantynivka, Donetsk region.

Kostyantynivka has a kind of "secret place" that many people actually know about. There, the defense guys can buy tiny washing machines or wash their uniforms in mobile laundry complexes (these are trucks with built-in washing machines).

Washing powders and detergents for the military / Photo by Yury Stepanenko

There are also laundry complexes where local residents regularly and constantly wash military clothes. They not only wash, but also hem, make sure that all buttons are in place, sew up holes.

Detergents and washing powders were handed over

BF "Future of Youth of Ukraine" together with Yuriy Stepanenko and with the support of Henkel visited one of these complexes and handed over laundry products.

Friendly units were also not left without detergents – some of the products were handed over directly to the boys.

See the photo report from the trip here:

Now the volunteers and the charity fund are preparing for a trip to the Kherson region.

We continue to support the army

So far, our community has collected funds for a drone for boys in the Kherson region. We also collect Bandera Power and Starlinks at the charging station. You can send a donation to Monobank.

You can also help using the details:



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