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Where can you get social assistance in Poland

Ukrainians in Poland can receive social assistance

Recently, a special point with humanitarian aid started working in Warsaw, and another point with free food for Ukrainians was opened in Krakow - the portal inPoland writes about this.

Poland stands in solidarity with Ukraine / Photo: Ukrinform

A social store Free Ukraine Store was created in Warsaw

There are clothes, children's toys and other things necessary for the home. Residents of Rembertov bring them here. The project was created by a group of women who united in a local group on the Facebook social network at the beginning of March.

The store is located at Potsiskova Street, 4 in the CityMarket shopping center.

The social store works for all Ukrainians, regardless of which region of Ukraine they came from or whether they have any benefits. The assortment is quite wide, and caring Poles bring more and more things so that Ukrainians, who are currently in a difficult situation and in a foreign country, can get the most necessary things.

Free Ukraine Store / Image: portal inPoland.

Another point with free food for refugees from Ukraine has opened in Krakow

This is a help point from World Central Kitchen.

It is located opposite the former Plaza shopping center, which is now home to more than 300 Ukrainians who left their homes due to the war.

The volunteers of this point plan to prepare and distribute up to several thousand meals a day.

The point is open from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Free hot meals for refugees from Ukraine / Photo: O. Nawrocka

You can get humanitarian aid in Gliwice

Another help point for refugees from Ukraine is located at 31-B Yasna Street.

There is a legal aid office in Wroclaw

Lawyers conduct consultations and help resolve issues related to the collection of alimony, deprivation of parental rights, divorce, division of property, recognition of the right to property or inheritance, etc. The company cooperates with notaries in Ukraine.

The point is located at 107-A, 36 Vyshnevo Avenue.

There is a help point for foreigners in Tychy

People who do not know the Polish language can get information and support there in solving everyday problems. You can also take a language course there.

The center is located on St. Anna Square, 2.

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