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How to study at a university, school or kindergarten abroad for free: a bot for finding options

Because of the war, many young people are forced to look for opportunities to study in other countries. The Ministry of Education and Science, together with the Swiss-Ukrainian DECIDE project, developed a bot for searching educational programs.

This was reported by the Media Sapiens resource. The project was created with the support of the educational ombudsman.

Many universities offer Ukrainians free opportunities / Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

How the bot works

  1. You need to go to EducationUaBot in Telegram.

  2. Here you can search not only for a university, but also for a school or kindergarten for your child.

  3. To search, you need to enter your name and choose one of the 31 countries currently available in the bot.

Among the countries that offer free education options for Ukrainians are Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Japan, etc.

This project was created by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Culture together with Swiss colleagues. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Education Ombudsman also participated in the development.

You can also search for schools and kindergartens in the EducationUaBot bot / Unsplash photo

Another resource for those who know English

If you could not find an interesting offer in EducationUaBot, use the services of the English-language platform Erudera.

Here you can find a list of universities that help Ukrainian students and scientists. In the list you can find more than 70 offers from "universities" from different countries, including the USA, Australia and Canada.

The Erudera platform offers a list of universities that provide assistance to Ukrainians / Screenshot

Importantly. This database was updated in July 2022. However, it is still useful, because there you can find types of help, as well as links to the websites of educational institutions – and already on the site you will find out whether this help is still valid, and you will also find contacts to whom you can ask questions.


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