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If you want to combat fakes, apply to the Mediengeist 2.0 project

Mediengeist is an accelerator for countering disinformation projects. Last year, the first phase of the project was successfully completed, and now recruitment for the second one is starting.

This is reported by the House of Europe information resource.

What awaits you

Mediengeist aims to counter fakes, misinformation and destructive narratives about the Russian-Ukrainian war. Participants can expect lectures by leading specialists in the media sphere, mentoring support and financing – up to 6,300 euros per project.

Apply for the anti-disinformation project / Screenshot from the website

Learn more about the project.

The program is managed by the Goethe-Institut together with the Ukrainian popular science media Kunst with funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Who can apply?

This program was created specifically for journalists, media professionals, media specialists, bloggers, artists, founders of technology startups, etc.

It is also important to know the English language at a level sufficient for watching lectures, discussions and pitching your own project.

Citizens of Ukraine who currently live both in Ukraine and abroad can apply. It is also important to have a person in your team who has an officially registered FOP, LLC, GO, etc.

Deadline: You must complete the online form by August 28. The results of the selection of participants will be announced on September 8.


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