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The wounded defender of Ukraine needs financial support for rehabilitation

While performing a combat mission, Zakhar Biryukov was seriously injured and had his limbs amputated, reports the soldier's wife, Yulia Biryukova, on her Facebook page.

The injured defender needs support for rehabilitation/

Image: from the Facebook page of the soldier's wife

Zakhar Biryukov, a resident of the town of Vasylivka in Zaporozhye region, has been fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces since 2015.

According to the testimony of his comrades, it was a soldier from his group who was well trained by Zakhar, himself wounded and contused, in 3 minutes provided Zakhar with first aid of such quality that, according to the doctors, it saved Zakhar's life.

"One should not die for the country, but fight!"

Strong in spirit, skillful, intelligent, cheerful, reliable - Warrior, brother, brother, son, husband and father. Even now, Zakhar raises the fighting spirit of his brothers, because he is interested in everyone, worries about everyone, he really wants to get back on his feet and continue his work, as he himself says: "One should not die for the country, but fight!" - Dmytro Korchynskyi writes about the soldier

Zakhar Biryukov on duty /

Photo: from the page of fellow warriors

I appeal to all Ukrainians!!!!
My husband, Biryukov Zakhar, received a serious mine-explosive wound while performing a combat mission. Head and lung contusion, gunshot fracture of the jaw, traumatic amputation of the right shoulder and left forearm. Amputation of the stump of the right lower leg. Multiple burns of the 3rd degree. The condition is stable and serious. Currently, treatment is free, but in the future, treatment, rehabilitation and complex prosthetics abroad are planned.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for their prayers, psychological and financial support. Your faith and support are very important to us. - the soldier's wife Yuliya appeals to everyone who cares.

You can transfer funds for rehabilitation using the following details:

5375411418979949 (wife Yulia Mykolaivna Biryukov) (Biriukova Yuliia)

5375 4114 0100 2691 (Olesya Lukyanov's sister)

PayPal: (Lukianova Olesya)


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