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Ukrainians will be allocated free housing in Poland for 2 years: who can apply

Poland takes care of Ukrainian refugees who have to find housing. Individual voivodships allocate social apartments for temporary residence.

According to the "RBK-Ukraine" resource, about 50 apartments will be allocated for Ukrainians in the Opole Voivodeship.

Ukrainian refugees will be able to live there for free for up to 2 years.

What is the situation now

Ukrainian refugees in Poland mostly receive 40 zlotys of support per day. This lasts for 120 days. Only large families, pensioners and people with disabilities can hope for financial support longer.

The rest of the refugees need to get a job and look for housing on their own.

Polish authorities are trying to support Ukrainians and implement social housing projects. In particular, refugees are allocated 49 apartments in the Opole Voivodeship. Ukrainians will be accommodated in 17 gminas (a gmina is an administrative unit in Poland, – YouthFutureUA).

Opole Voivodeship provides almost half a hundred apartments / Photo

Who will be settled?

Each commune will independently decide to whom to give the allocated apartments. In total, they will be able to accommodate about 200 Ukrainian refugees.

The apartments will be put in order

Repairs will be made in the selected apartments, necessary household appliances and furniture will be bought.

These will be small apartments with an area of 40 – 50 square meters. 6 million zlotys (about 46 million hryvnias) have already been allocated to finance the project.

After the Ukrainian refugees vacate the residence, local residents who need it will be settled there.

In which gminas will Ukrainians live

  • Strzelce Opolske (8 apartments),

  • Kluczbork (7 apartments),

  • Dobrodzien (6 apartments),

  • Olesno (3 apartments),

  • Byala (2 apartments),

  • Brzeg (2 apartments),

  • Dobrzeń Wielki (2 apartments),

  • Głubczyce (2 apartments),

  • Głuchołazy (2 apartments),

  • Lecznica (2 apartments),

  • Nysa (2 apartments),

  • Paczków (2 apartments),

  • Popielów (2 apartments),

  • Prudnik (2 apartments),

  • Strzeleczki (2 apartments),

  • Wolczyn (2 apartments),

  • Ujazd (1 apartment).

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